Staff Directory

for Daniel Morgan Technology Center
Email, Office Phone
Band, Angela
Health Science Teacher
Office: 864-279-6946
Barnard, Gary
School to Career Coordinator
Office: 864-279-6950
Bertrand, Edward
Special Education Instructor
Office: 864-279-6941
Cash, Jaime
Health Science Teacher
Office: 864-279-6944
Dubois, Andre
Business Technology Teacher
Office: 864-279-6927
Fields, Teleisha
Office: 864-279-6960
Garner, Harold
Machine Tool Technology Teacher
Office: 864-279-6952
Gibson, Dennis
Automotive Technology Teacher
Office: 864-279-6924
Hayes, Beth
Office: 864-279-6902
Hendry, Kendra
Instructional Facilitator
Office: 864-279-6935
Jackson, Jenny
Technology Support/Public Relations
Office: 864-279-6918
Mack, Sharon
Business Education Teacher
Office: 864-279-6919
Medford, Greg
Carpentry Instructor
Office: 864-279-6943
Nance, Dennis
Assistant Director
Office: 864-279-6928
Page, Timothy
Culinary Arts Teacher
Office: 864-279-6945
Pennington, Hollie
Graphic Communications Teacher
Office: 864-279-6925
Pruitt, Britni
Cosmetology Teacher
Office: 864-279-6955
Ridgeway, Nikki
Sports Medicine Teacher
Office: 864-279-6953
Roberts, Heath
Office: 864-279-6903
Rogers, Caroline
Career Search
Office: 864-279-6942
Sparks, Robert
Electricity Teacher
Office: 864-279-6948
Spivey, Daphine
Assistant to Director/Bookkeeper
Office: 864-279-6901
Swanger, Tommy
Welding Technology Teacher
Office: 864-279-6949 x 149
Swofford, Clint
Mechatronics Teacher
Office: 864-279-6920
Thornton, David
Information Technology Teacher
Office: 864-279-6915
Wilhelm, Pamela
Health Science Teacher
Office: 864-279-6916