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DMTC Student Placed on CO-OP

Broome High School senior Hannah Sprouse is participating in a DMTC work-based learning co-op with Sugah Cakes. She is pictured frosting a tray of cupcakes. Hannah is a completer in the Culinary Arts Program. #DMTCPrepares

Machine Tool III Student Receives Second NIMS Certification

Congratulations to Owen Allen for receiving his second NIMS certification, Milling I, in Mr. Garner’s Machine Tool Technology III class.  This is a two-part test on performance and theory. Owen had to use the Milling Machine to make a part that is 100% accurate with the official blueprint.  It is then verified by a MET-TEC inspection, which consists of three evaluators. Owen passed both portions and earned the certification. We are very proud of him and are excited about the opportunities this may provide him. #DMTCPrepares

DMTC Teacher of the Year 2021-2022

We are proud to announce Andre Dubois, Business Technology Instructor, was selected to be the Daniel Morgan Technology Center Teacher of the Year for 2021-2022.  Congratulations Mr. Dubois!

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